Meeting the Challenge of Public Speaking in Another Language

Posted: May 1, 2010

Recently Miramichi Valley High School welcomed 31 French Immersion students from School District 16 to show their skills in their second language.  The participants presented amazing speeches before their friends and family. It was a difficult task for the judges to select the winners in each category.  After much deliberation they selected the following winners who will be representing School District 16 in the Provincial Oratory competition at University of Moncton on May 1st.  We wish them all “Bonne Chance!”   Grade 6 Early Immersion Jantzen Losier   ( Dr.Losier Middle School) Robyn Lynn Travis  (Harkins Middle School) Grade 7 Early Immersion                 William MacKnight   (Harkins Middle School) Elyse Girouard   (Dr.Losier Middle School) Grade 8 Early Immersion Katie Cripps   (Dr.Losier Middle School) Sarah Lynch (Harkins Middle School) Grade 10 Early Immersion John McNally  (Miramichi Valley High School) Grade 12 Early Immersion Megan Majcher (Miramichi Valley High School) Grade 7 Late Immersion Shae Scully  (Eleanor W.Graham Middle School) Kelsey Hudson (Eleanor W.Graham Middle School) Grade 8 Late Immersion Brilynn Fournier  (Harkins Middle School) Amie Hayes(Harkins Middle School) Grade 9 Late Immersion Nicole Kew-Elliot  (Bonar Law Memorial High School) Grade 10 Late Immersion Corey Lawson (Bonar Law Memorial High School) Mariah Sturgeon (Bonar Law Memorial High School) Grade 11 Late Immersion Jade Carruthers (Bonar Law Memorial High School) Paige Hebert (Bonar Law Memorial High School) Grade 12 Late Immersion Portia Marsh (Bonar Law Memorial High School) Erin Burns (Miramichi Valley High School)