Posted: November 27, 2015

The BHS Music Memories is a group of students who came together after  hearing about a study of how music awakens seniors with Alzheimer's.  Music Memories has approximately 28 keen students who visit with seniors in local senior residences. During these visits the students learn valuable information regarding the senior's pastimes, hobbies and particular musical interests. From there the students research and upload MP3 players with specific music and loan them to the residents for their listening pleasure. It allows the seniors to revisit their past with songs from the era of their youth and hopefully brings back fond memories. It has been shown through research that music can heal the body and stimulate the brain unlike any medicine. It is a labor of love for these students and a win/win situation for both the Music Memories participants and those who are touched by the music.       Students from left to right:  Jenna Couture, Taylor Godin, Kara Branch, Tyler Duguay, Brittany Gray and Megan Hodnett.