In Search of Pirate Treasure

Posted: June 8, 2009

Pirates treasure was the theme for the geocaches that had grade 3 students from Nelson Rural School recently spend a morning scouring the woods and trails surrounding French Fort Cove . Using GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers, the children had the opportunity to apply math and geography knowledge while working as team members, problem solving and benefiting from several hours of vigorous  physical activity.   Teacher Angela Woods selected the pirate theme as a means of sparking the imagination of the youngsters and it tied in well with the concept of geo-caching which is locating hidden “treasures” based on clues and map coordinates. The District 16 technology team prepared the caches, worked with the students to teach them how to use the GPS receivers and accompanied them on their adventures on the Cove trails. Similar experiences have been provided for students of many District 16 schools. Geo-caching has become a very popular activity around the world. When established geo-caches are located, finders often leave a note and small personal item and are free to take one previously left behind by an earlier visitor. To view photos visit .