Spreading the Net

Posted: February 25, 2009

The World Issues Class of Mr. T. Theriault at James M. Hill Memorial High School has accepted UNICEF Canada's Spread the Net Student Challenge and is currently ranked in 3rd place nationally in funds raised. JMH student Eric Bowes is leading the country as highest individual fund raiser with $1670.00.The Spread the Net campaign across Canada is attempting to raise enough money to purchase 500 000 mosquito nets for African children to help prevent them catching malaria. Many young African children die every year after their blood becomes host to the deadly malaria parasite which is spread by a mosquito bite most often at night while they sleep. The provision of sleeping nets is making a significant difference. Mr. Theriault’s class has also produced an informative video called "Spread the Net" to raise awareness and inform the public about the prevalence of malaria and what can be done to help prevent its spread.