They Knew They Could Dance!

Posted: February 19, 2010

On Wednesday February 17th District 16 Physical Education teachers held the "So You Think You Can Dance District 16" competition at Miramichi Valley High School. Organizers were pleased with the response by students from across the district, impressed with the quality of their performances and their enthusiasm. Thanks was expressed to the teachers and judges for their important contributions to the success of event.          The List of Winners :   K-2  Most talented( Best Dancer) - Jaden Mah - Gretna GreenMost Athletic - Abby Keenan - BlackvilleMost Original- Hersel , Grace , Connor and Mckenzie - NSEE 3-5Most Talented - Hillary Curtis- BlackvilleMost Athletic - Luke MacDonald- Miramichi RuralMost Original - Hanna and Alyssa - Harcourt 6-8Most Talented - Tanisha Hallihan- BlackvilleMost Athletic - Jaden, Bill, Rilley- NSEEMost Original - Gabrielle,Hannah, Shaylee- Harkins Middle 9-10Most Talented - Calissta Gilks, Jenna Henderson - JMHMost Athletic - Nicole Sullivan- Blackville There were a total of 77 students performing and 16 schools registered: Millerton, Harcourt, Nelson, Ian Baillie, Napan, Croft, Miramichi Rural, Gretna Green, NSEE, Tabusintac, Blackville, Rexton, Harkins Elementary, Harkins Middle School, JMH and St. Andrew's.