Tuesday, June 8th Early Dismissals Planned For Parts of ASD-N

Posted: June 7, 2021

We are experiencing some very unusual early hot weather. Due to the continued heat warnings and temperatures forecast for certain regions of our district, the following will be the plan for ASD-N on Tuesday, June 8th:


Campbellton/Dalhousie Area Schools             Open Full Day


Bathurst Area Schools                                         Early Dismissal


Miramichi Area Schools                                      Early Dismissal except for Gretna Green School, which will be Open Full



Rexton Area Schools                                            Early Dismissal except for Bonar Law Memorial School, which will be Open     

                                                                                Full Day


Please note:


-           Early dismissal procedures will follow the same plan as used today (Monday) for those schools that are impacted.


-           Schools in the Campbellton/Dalhousie areas, Gretna Green School and Bonar Law Memorial School will be open for the full day.


We remind everyone to stay hydrated and cool during these unusually high temperatures.


Thank you!