What Every Teacher Should Know

Posted: August 31, 2010

District 16 educators gathered today at James M. Hill Memorial High School Auditorium to listen to a presentation titled The 21st Century Learner as they prepare for the coming school term. In the talk, international presenter Dr. Donna Walker Tileston, pointed out how very different learners are in the era of digital technology from learners of earlier generations and that there is continuing significant research being published but there is a large time lag before educators become aware of important findings and are able to apply this knowledge in the classroom. The Dallas, Texas, based researcher and author referred to her organization’s web site http://whateveryteachershouldknow.com which has the purpose of trying to make the latest finding about learning more readily available to teachers to close this gap. The guest speaker reviewed in her talk many important considerations for modern teaching and learning and her dynamic presentation was well received.