What Was it Like Back Then?

Posted: October 16, 2010

Hundreds of District 16 primary school students had a chance to explore such a question at the District 16 Kindergarten to Grade 3 Heritage Fair hosted by Croft Elementary School on October 15th.  In going back in time, the young visitors whose families have been in the area for some time were able to experience what life was like in the Miramichi region for their ancestors. For those whose families have arrived in recent years it was a chance to find out about local history and make comparisons to their own families’ experiences. The students at Croft School were the ones to provide much of interpretation of local heritage by displaying and explaining antiquated household items, demonstrating how chores were done in the past, cooking and sharing traditional foods and showing how people were reliant on themselves for their own entertainment. Enjoying First Nation dancing and drumming as well as  Irish and Scottish dancing, watching the re-enacting of local legends, eating traditional foods including moose stew, getting up close with farm animals and experiencing the “one room school” were all part of the day’s program for the young learners. Although the weather was cool for the activities held outdoors the very well organized event narrowly missed the heavy afternoon rain. To view photos from the fair visit http://www.district16.nbed.nb.ca/gallery/heritage-fair .