Activities and Outdoor Lesson Ideas

Outdoor Learning & Play Lesson Plans from Evergreen

The innovative folks at Evergreen have a searchable database of lesson plans, some of which are also available in French.. The link will take you to the Tools and Resources page where you will find a search function with two categories: under ‘Subject’ click ‘Outdoor Learning and Play’ and under ‘Resource Type’ click ‘Lesson Plans’ and you’ll be taken to a list of options that vary by theme and grade level from and how to conserve energy.


Outdoor Classroom Day

These are individual lesson and topic ideas sourced from a broad range of experts and organisations. You’ll see that we’ve concentrated on inspiration, leaving the planning of how the activity will be delivered up to the person that knows their class and environment the best — you.


Outdoor Math Activities for Kids

Math is everywhere in our life, even when you are outdoors. You can easily find things outdoor that are mathematical, or you can bring math outside. Kids will enjoy the fresh air, and more than likely they will learn better when they are relaxed and are doing things they like.


NatureBlitz in the Schoolyard: DIY Toolkit from Nature Canada

Nature Canada has created the NatureBlitz Toolkit which provides an easy, Do-It-Yourself guide for educators to lead nature learning activities in the schoolyard. This free, kid-friendly toolkit includes resources, guidance, web-apps, activities and more, all aimed to help encourage students to explore nature and connect with it on their own terms. It is grounded in the natural sciences and ecology and can be incorporated in a variety of curriculum objectives.


Sharing Nature: Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages

A variety of nature games and activities for students of all ages