Communication Before the First Words

Posted: February 27, 2019

You can help build your babies’ communication skills as soon as they are born by talking and responding to them throughout the day.

 Copy the sounds/movements they make, say what you think they would say (i.e. "interpret"), or talk about what is happening around you!  By adding lots of language to your day, you can help your baby learn their first words! Add emphasis to the key words so that they know that the word is important.

You can respond to…

 Their movements/gestures

Baby: Moves their arms side to side and jumps up and down after seeing their favorite food.

 Adult: Waves their arms and says "Avocado!", “Yummy avocado!”, "Let's eat avocado!"

 What they are looking at

Baby: Looks at a bird outside the window.

Adult: Waves towards the window and says, "There's a bird! Hello bird!”  

 What they might be feeling (ex. tired, sad, hungry, happy, surprised, scared...)

Baby: Yawns and his eyes are slowly shutting.

 Adult: Pretends to yawn and says, “You’re so tired!”

 The sounds they are making

Baby: Says “Baaaaaaaa” during bath time while splashing the water.

Adult: Splashes the water, copies the sound "baaaa", or says “Bubbles!”, "Bath time"

 Have fun!

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