Going on a Leaf Hunt!

Posted: September 26, 2019

Go on a Leaf Hunt 

Every year my kids and I go on a leaf hunt after we read Leaf Man Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, and We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt. We then make our own Leaf People. So many great opportunities for language!


 You and your little ones can:

  • Talk about the different COLORS and SHAPES of the leaves
  • Talk about the LOCATIONS of the leaves (in, on, under, etc)
  • Talk about putting your leaves IN the BAG and POURING them OUT when you are done
  • Talk about BODY PARTS when making leaf people
  • See post for more!

    Remember that for all these activities, that it is the process that is important. Talk to your littles and have meaningful interactions.

    Source: www.playingwithwords365.com