At Home Learning: Characteristics and Classification for Kingdom Fungi

Posted: June 4, 2020

When exploring characteristics and classification for Kingdom Fungi in grade 11 biology, students performed at-home experiments to test the optimal growth conditions of mold using materials readily available to them. Results were widely varied and gave us a chance to discuss the scientific process when faced with unexpected results and how to work with uncontrollable factors. Students worked to adjust the conditions and time span of their experimental procedures to adjust for the unexpected throughout the process.

Scientific literacy, the scientific method and (importantly!) scientific communication are critical skills in the scientific community. Online learning made this a challenging hurdle, but I felt it was very important to continue the experimental processes associated with learning science of any kind. My students rose to the challenge and many surprised me with the questions they came up with, the adjustments they made and the conclusions and connections they were able to draw from their results. I'm proud of any student who chooses to continue their education throughout this period of uncertainty, and I'm happy to be able to showcase some of their work here!

Submitted by Laura Ketch
Bonar Law Memorial High School