Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District

My grade two student, Lucy Poirier, helped me learn and practice using Skype to create a virtual classroom this week. We ran into some challenges but she was patient and kind. On Thursday and Friday we worked on writing a small moment story. Here is a recording of Lucy reading her finished 1st draft. I am so proud of you Lucy. Thank you for helping ME learn new ways to teach.

Submitted by Lisa-Ann LaPointe
L.E. Reinsborough School

Posted: June 5, 2020

Science - Unit : Flight. The students were provided with this scenario : "You work for a toy company and have been informed that the company would like a new toy that flies. You need to use this process : investigating, divising, producing and evaluating, to design your toy and test your toy, finally completing a procedure for the making of your toy. " Connor Aumand did an amazing job, explaning what he did and test his toy. He also did his own montage of his video.

Submitted by Joelle Landry
Campbellton Middle School

Sofia made some homemade dandelion jelly. Her mom said they did lots of math in the process!

Submitted by Susan Henderson
North and South Esk Elementary

Mrs. Pelletier and Miss Kelly’s Kindergarten and Kindergarten/Grade 1 class at L.E.R have been participating in fun and simple science experiments at home as part of their weekly home learning opportunities. “Sink or Float”, “Fizzy Fun”, and “Floating Eggs” are a few examples of experiments...

Viviane is a brilliant and creative exchange student from Brazil who is very shy about her abilities, but has an amazing gift for design and an eye for detail. She did a beautiful design image of her friend's eye with the Orion Nebula in it. She also did this amazing and thoughtful piece of...

Tahlik’s father is teaching him a new skill. Tahlik is learning how to code in C#. Here is what he has created.

Submitted by Lisa Ann LaPointe
L.E.R School

Jace is a child with autism in my Kindergarten Class and he was quite excited to show his reading skills when reading these two books! Jace also has another video of him trying a science experiment/STEAM mixture. He was so excited to try this and certainly praised his mother for helping him with the experiment... you'll hear him say; "You did it!" Jace certainly enjoys any hands-on Home Learning assigned to him! He and his family go above and beyond to keep his education on track! Way to go, Jace!

Submitted by Christine MacKenzie
Miramichi Rural School

Jeffrey built a bird feeder with his father. He learned about safety when using power tools and practiced measurement with a measuring tape.

Submitted by Margaret Clevett
Cambellton Middle School

Posted: June 4, 2020

Codey, a Grade 8 student at CMS, has been busy working on his own business, something he started last spring. Knowing how popular fishing is in the Restigouche area, Codey packages and sells worms as bait. With some assistance from his father, they collect their product in the evenings. Codey...

The students had to speak in French to a family member or a friend.

Submitted by Jean-Francois Chapados
Campbellton Middle School


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