At Home Learning: Worms For Sale

Posted: June 4, 2020

Codey, a Grade 8 student at CMS, has been busy working on his own business, something he started last spring. Knowing how popular fishing is in the Restigouche area, Codey packages and sells worms as bait. With some assistance from his father, they collect their product in the evenings. Codey then places the worms in large bins filled with a mixture of soils. He packages 15 worms in each container and refrigerates them to slow their metabolism and to keep them in good condition. He sets up a cooler outside his home to keep the worms cool. From there, it is basically a drive up service. Customers take their worms and leave their money in a container ($4 per 15 worms). Essentially, his product is free, his labour is free and the food is recycled coffee grounds from Keurig pods. His advertising is minimal (a sign at the end of the driveway and word of mouth). His only major cost is $130 for packaging from a local vendor. Last year, sales were $4600 and he is aiming for $5000 in sales this year. Great work Codey!

Submitted by Ryan MacDougall
Campbellton Middle School