Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District

On April 20, 2020 ASRNB (Aboriginal Sport and Recreation New Brunswick) began posting daily challenges with different themes, this was open to students in NB aged 12-18. Participants sent in pictures, drawings, videos etc, showing how they completed the challenge. A team from ASRNB then chose...

In this assignment, students were provided with 3 SMART Notebook lessons (modified for online learning) presenting them with information about Kingdom Protista for Biology 112. They were asked to create a graphic organizer to visually represent the relationships between the various groups (phyla...

In these photographs, you will see awesome examples of Student's Home Learning with many hands-on activities, including STEAM challenges like building a home with recycled material, painting, baking, planting, and catching Frog Spawn and learning the Frog's Life Cycle! Great job, Home Learning...

Gavin has been honing his woodworking skills during his time at home. Recently, Gavin has made a wooden Fabergé Egg and a wooden baseball bat on his lathe. He has even used the bat during a game! The quality of these pieces are absolutely astounding and should be shared with others!


Mrs. Henderson's Students Participated in STEAM Challenges

I was very impressed with Jace's Home Learning Activity for a STEAM project. He and his family went above and beyond my request to be outside discovering nature. He helped drill holes in the maple trees to collect sap, brought the sap home, made syrup with his family and then..."Physically...

Online learning with programs such as RazKids and Reflex Math. Submitted by Susan Henderson North and South Esk Elementary

Started with the steam weekly activity about growing vegetables with just water and kept going. Measured, cut and drilled boards to make boxes for growing vegetables.

Submitted by Jennifer Comeau
Nelson Rural School


Caden built a anemometer for monitoring wind direction and speed. Submitted by Jennifer Comeau Nelson Rural School

Mrs. Tozer's students are having fun and learning at the same time.

Submitted by Colleen Tozer
Nelson Rural School


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