Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District

Teaching Bar Graphs The activity involves the students making a bar graph based on the video I posted using a number of chocolates I have in the bowl. They collected the data and shared it. I think I ate half the bowl of chocolates before the video ended.

Submitted by Donna Savoie

Students were encouraged to participate in the APEGNB Design Challenge and create a prosthetic. This one submission made me excited to see that this student clearly understands the design/test/ re-design process and continues to apply it in her home learning. It also me makes me proud to see her not only put pride in her work in the classroom but at home as well.

Submitted by Mandy Smearer
Jacquet River School


Haley worked to build a cubic metre. She tried a number of different materials before landing on ones that would not only work, but also that she had enough of in her home, to create a cubic metre as she explored the concept of volume. Her creativity and stamina with this task is something to be...

Posted: May 21, 2020

At Home Learning: Audrey's Cooking Show

Audrey has started her own cooking show. Where each week she makes a new video and posts them on You Tube. Audrey is a grade 5 Immersion student who goes above and beyond with her home learning and submits extra home learning activities each week.

Submitted by Tara Wilbur
Parkwood Heights Elementary School


Posted: May 21, 2020

At Home Learning: The Couch: A Movie By Sophia

Based on a home assignment to reflect on the effects of Covid-19, Sophia took the initiative to create a home video which takes a humorous look at how Covid-19 has affected her and her family.

Submitted by Margaret MacDermaid
Parkwood Heights Elementary School


Halle created her very own dollhouse out of a simple cardboard box. Check out all of the little details! I love seeing her imagination come out in her creation. Now, this is what we call having fun while learning!

Submitted by Jillian Girouard
North and South Esk Elementary

Halle Arbeau and Ally Richard used nature as their canvas. Check out these painted rocks!

Submitted by Jillian Girouard
North and South Esk Elementary

Detailed tutorial on the making of maple syrup somewhere in the backwoods of Blackville.

Submitted by Keith Comeau
Gretna Green School


We have been sharing pictures and writing of unique home learning experiences as they relate to nature. In particular I have lots of students who are investing birds. Two of the students are writing about the ducks that go to ponds in their backyard. I have two students who have started to raise...

During the home learning period, Canyon has published an original album of songs. He wrote the songs himself, played the instruments, arranged them using Garage Band, and used online software to create original album art. Canyon reached out to a member of the community who created a hard copy of...


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