At Home Learning: Serena's Favourite Meal

Posted: May 29, 2020

From aboriginal sports and recreation event:
FIDDLE HEADS!! Yummy and so good for you. Day 3 First Place Mini Warrior challenge goes to Serena Lavigne (11 years of age) from Charlo! Here is her submission: My favorite meal is salmon, potatoes, fiddleheads and a glass of cold milk. It’s my favorite meal because it’s really good and I can help catch and pick these to help provide for my parents and my brother which makes me feel really amazing. This meal is very healthy for me and gives my body lots of energy! It’s good for me because it is items all off our food guide and is a balanced meal, all of the parts of my supper is natural and not full of bad ingredients. The picture is of me with the fiddleheads I picked this morning and of my finished meal right before we ate supper tonight all together. Well done Serena, you have won yourself $200 Gift Card from Sport Chek!

Submitted by Dawn Beckingham
Dalhousie Regional High School