Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District

This student and her mom came up with a creative way to practice some reading and writing this week. They researched rivers, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and wrote some facts and displayed them all on a poster board. This was going above and beyond, very impressive for a grade 2 student.


Jacob helped his father doing the bathroom Renovation by using his learnings in math this year (area and perimeter) this is authentic learning and so amazing!

Submitted by Charles Austin
Terry Fox Elementary School


Jaden and his family have been busy starting a garden. He has planted different vegetables helped build their greenhouse using measuring tape, a saw, hammer and nails. He is very proud of his work and excited to grow his cucumbers! An overall, wonderful STEM learning activity!

Submitted by Amanda MacEachern
Tabusintac Community School

Kierra and her family constructed a wall marble run using tape, papertowl rolls and marbles. She re-purposed the rolls to manipulate the marble to end up in the cup at the bottom. This took many trials and patience! Great work!

Submitted by Amanda MacEachern
Tabusintac Community School


Before the school was over, the students were working on doing a project of their choice in technology. Connor chose to build a car. Here is a video of him explaining his project.

Submitted by Joelle Landry
Campbellton Middle School

FLA/Social Studies : The grade 5 and 6 worked on a pamphlet. This year I had combined classes, so the grade 5 and 6 did the same project. They had to choose a country and do a research on it. Each week they had a different page to do. They had to do a research on religion, language, sports, art...

Art has always been a way to express feelings and responses to adversity. My Art 9 classes were asked to create a Meme (a type of 21st Century Art) to express how they are dealing with the Home Learning/Pandemic situation. Chloe Gregan took this assignment to another level! She not only created...

Gabe spent some time on this past weekend distributing flowers to the mothers who live on his street. He was careful to practice physical distancing by placing them in their mailboxes. Showing a kindness such as this is so important today where we can all use a little something to brighten up our...
Under the direction of her vice principal, Krista Page, Charlotte has been working on creating a quilt. While learning how to use her own sewing machine (which she purchased herself) she has learned to iron, measure & cut material. Though she's encountered some setbacks along the way, this...
Jessie (Grade 5 student) made a sign in French for his house to let everyone know it will be ok! Submitted by Kendra Breau Tabusintac Community School


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