Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District

During one of our Team meetings, Kaytlin (Grade 4) was teaching us the process on how she likes to make her grilled cheese and eggs. What a great little cooking segment to the week!

Submitted by Kendra Breau
Tabusintac Community School

Amelia is raising baby chicks and learning about their life cycle/habitats/care.

Submitted by Angela Woods
Nelson Rural School

Posted: May 22, 2020

At Home Learning: Craft Away - Eliana's Instagram Store

Eliana created and manages her own Instagram online store of hand made crafts.

Submitted by Renee Kenny
Superior Middle School


Gracie has been working very hard from home and has really taken an interest in Science...whether it's baking, gardening, or trying simple experiments in her kitchen! Submitted by Angela Woods Nelson Rural School

My grade 1 Class has begun Skype sessions to help with their oral french and language structures but also so they can connect with their classmates. During their first skype session they each presented something special to them for our Show and Tell. It was nice to see their excitement seeing...

Posted: May 22, 2020

I uploaded one of the STEM challenges on my teacher page and challenged students to try some experiments out at home. This student tried one at home and it was nice to see her going through the thought process along with inquiry and conclusions. It is so nice to see!

Submitted by Rebecca Hitchman


As part of a STEAM activity, students in grades 6 and 7 were challenged to design and create bird feeders using materials that they could find around the house. They look awesome! One boy, Andrew, decided to make a wooden birdhouse with the help of his father. Way to go Raiders!


These students in grades 6 and 7 at Nelson Rural School are using their math, science, and art knowledge/skills and applying what they have learned in fun home learning opportunities such as baking, planting flowers, and painting. I am very impressed with the creativity they have shown. Way to...

Posted: May 22, 2020

Based on the idea of Flat Stanley, I sent out 40 “Flat Teachers” to my homeroom grade 4 class, as well as my FI Language Arts students. They were asked to write about three activities they did with me, and send them my way to post on our site. It was a huge hit! The students did not disappoint....

"The Best Part of Me" Project. Mrs. Savoie's students listened to an online read-aloud. In the book each child describes their best physical feature. For a fun writing activity, students took a picture of their favourite part of themselves and wrote about why it was the Best Part of You. Submitted...


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