Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District
This week, students were asked to explore the life cycle of a frog through various activities. Abigail went and found tadpole eggs in her yard and placed them in an aquarium inside. She plans to track their growth as they continue through their life cycle.
Submitted by Sara Russell
King Street Elementary School

Students created New Brunswick posters.

Submitted by Carlene Lyons
Blackville School

Students were challenged to go outdoors and look for new vegetation. They were to observe the growth and take note of how different elements (sun, cold, snow, rain etc) affect growth. Aven and Hailey took the approach one step further and decided to plant their own vegetation and observe in...

Allie and Aubrey Guitard have continued to learn with the help of their mom and dad by taking to the outdoor to produce informative nature videos. They have created their own YouTube channel and Facebook page called Nature Kidz where they have done videos on pine trees, how to make maple syrup, and information about how to care for baby chicks. A local singer has written them a theme song which they made a music video for and a local artist has has donated beaded necklaces and keychains for the girls to do giveaways!


Submitted by Jennifer Devereau
Jacquet River School


STEAM-Volcano with Baking Soda and Vinegar. Also, build the volcano using their imagination and materials they have at home.

Submitted by Donna Aresenault
Lord Beaverbrook School

We kept learning some new content in Social Studies with the First Nations. Students were able to continue learning through videos posted on YouTube and interacting with Mr. Austin. They had some activities to do and the final task was a research project on the First Nations.

Submitted by...

Students are still applying their skills they learned from the Edible education Project with Mr. Austin grade 5 and Madame Nikki grade 2. Students learned good eating habits, how to cook, how to measure and how to use tools in the kitchen in a safely manner. This was the Personnalization project...

A student made a Museum Display from one of my Home Learning activities.

Submitted by Alison Sullivan
North and South Esk Elementary

Student work at home learning work!

Submitted by Alison Sullivan
North and South Esk Elementary

Mya Augustine has completed two Weekly Culture Challenges for Culture and has done more research than expected on both Culture topics of Smudging, the Wolf, and the sacred teaching of humility.

Submitted by Melissa Mountain
North and South Esk Elementary


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