Celebrating Home Learning

Celebrating, Sharing and Supporting Home Learning in Anglophone North School District

Students had to create a brochure about a touristic site.

Submitted by Jean-Francois Chapados
Campbellton Middle School

The student has to create a development and conclusion of a story.

Submitted by Jean-Francois Chapados
Campbellton Middle School

When exploring characteristics and classification for Kingdom Fungi in grade 11 biology, students performed at-home experiments to test the optimal growth conditions of mold using materials readily available to them. Results were widely varied and gave us a chance to discuss the scientific...

Carbon Allotrope Show & Tell Chemistry students at Bonar Law were each tasked with using materials around their homes to model the molecular structure of an allotrope of carbon. Students researched their respective allotropes and posted images of their final creations on a class "Show and...

Kathleen Woods and Lily Savoy, students in grade 7, took this math activity about percents as a chance to promote COVID-19 guidelines. They are reminding everyone of the importance of social distancing, hand sanitizing, and wearing face masks.

Submitted by Michael Methot
Nelson Rural...

Jaykob completing one of the components of the Nature Ninja Home Learning aids.

Submitted by Joni Craig
Napan Elementary School

Posted: May 29, 2020

Cohen and his brother Jack built a camp! Great job on this cross-curricular learning venture. It looks great!

Submitted by Joni Craig
Napan Elementary School

Leah had to do a research project about an animal and it’s habitat. She chose llamas and presented it through a diorama. She utilized material from home to build the habitat, as well as her stuffies to present her project.

Submitted by Danielle Arsenault
L.E. Riensborough School

From aboriginal sports and recreation event:
FIDDLE HEADS!! Yummy and so good for you. Day 3 First Place Mini Warrior challenge goes to Serena Lavigne (11 years of age) from Charlo! Here is her submission: My favorite meal is salmon, potatoes, fiddleheads and a glass of...

Watson and his family took their up-cycling lessons very seriously. They have created bird feeders and the ultimate back yard buggy!

Submitted by Tracy Lynds
Rexton Elementary School



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