At Home Learning: Flat Teachers

Posted: May 22, 2020

Based on the idea of Flat Stanley, I sent out 40 “Flat Teachers” to my homeroom grade 4 class, as well as my FI Language Arts students. They were asked to write about three activities they did with me, and send them my way to post on our site. It was a huge hit! The students did not disappoint. My adventures included such things as baking cookies, floating on an ice float on the Restigouche River, visiting a farm, going on skateboards & bicycles, climbing trees, getting attacked by the family cat, hanging out on the clothesline, painting bedroom ceilings, and going on a family trip to Fredericton. It was a HUGE hit! It fostered the imagination and also encouraged the students to get some fresh air. Best activity I could have come up with! So proud of all of my students!

Submitted by Donna Savoie
Lord Beaverbrook School