What's Cool About My School: Episode 3 - Miiramichi Rural School

Posted: December 21, 2018

What’s Cool About My School (W-CAMS) is an initiative started by Anglophone North School District in October 2018. The goal of W-CAMS is to profile the things about our schools that are unique and make us proud. 

Each episode features a student co-host and is shot and edited by a student video production team.

What's Cool About My School: Episode 3 highlights Miramichi Rural School's focus on French language instruction despite its small size and not having an immerision program.

Students from kindergarten to grade 3 are invovled in the FLORA program (French Language Opportunties in Rural Areas). This program provides students with 30 minutes of interactive French language exposure per day. Students in from grade 4 to grade 8 particiapte in the Intensive French program. Teachers and leads are providing more hands-on experiences in Miramichi Rural School's Post Intenstive French classrooms. These hands-on expereinces give students opportunties to have authentic conversations in their second language.

Watch What's Cool About My School: Episode 3 - Miramichi Rural School.