Winter Challenge Notes

Winter Challenge 2020


ASD-N Winter Challenge 2020 – Prize Winners


Video Challenge Prize - Oculus Quest Headset- Ashley Hallihan

Outdoor Cookout- Parkwood Heights Gr.5FI Whitney Good & Nelson Rural Grade 8 Gerrit Bosma

Toboggans - LER Grade 4 FI Heather Targett,  Parkwood Heights – Kindergarten - Colleen Savoie, Parkwood Heights Grade 3 FI Margaret MacDermaid, Max Aitken Grade 6,7,8  - Leslie Stewart,         Bonar Law Julie Hudson, Millerton Grade 4 Kerwin Green

Jax Flies Prize Package - DRHS Grade 6 Kathy Parker

Campbellton Jr.A Tigers 25 Game Tickets - CMS Grade 6 FI Joelle Landry/J.F. Chapados

5 Fat Tire Bike Rentals - Bathurst High Environmental Science 110 Renee Poitras

10 Flex Passes Acadie-Bathurst Titan - Terry Fox Grade 5 FI Kezia Stever

Class Pizza Party - Pizza Shack Bathurst - Janeville K-2 Chantal Daley

20 McFlurries McDonalds Bathurst - Parkwood Heights 4 FI Tara Wilbur/Sylvan Cormier

30 Ice Cream Cones McDonalds Bathurst - Parkwood Heights Grade 4 Christy Comeau

10 Extra Value Meals & Breakfasts McDonalds Bathurst- Jacquet River Grade 7/8 Mandy Smearer

1 Hour Free Skating Time KC Irving skating - Terry Fox Grade 3 FI Cheryl Kennedy-Jameson

MVHS Pool/Pizza Party - Millerton Grade 8 Jay Allison

Sleigh Ride Fletcher’s Farm - King Street Grade 2 Kara Wilson

City of Miramichi 5 Skate Passes/Swim Passes - King Street Grade 2 FI Sarah Russell

Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club Free Class skiing- NSEE Grade 6 Marcy Downey

Pizza Delight Richibucto 2 Medium Pizzas - Bonar Law - Gary Power

Imperial Kent North Center two - 1 Month Free Student Passes - Bonar Law Bobby-Jo Hickey

Country Liberty Jacket, T-shirt, Toque and Hat - Bonar Law Rob Woodburn Outdoor Ed 110

$20 Gift Card Restaurant Jardine’s Inn Rexton - RES Grade 5A Kim Beers

4 Six Inch Subs Richibucto Subway - RES Grade 4A Mylene Comeau

Scotty’s Meat Market 2 Meal Deals - EWG Grade 6 Jordan Wright

Kouchibouquac Park Family Passes - Harcourt Grade 4/5 Kevin Scully

Friends of the Bengals 2 Costco Movie Nights - Bonar Law Sam Wakefield

Moncton Wildcats 3 Swag Bags and 6 Flex Passes - EWG Grade 7/8 Celine Porter

Outdoor Sports Package – Lord Beaverbrook School – Denis Boudreau

Posted: January 23, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of our very first ASD-N Winter Challenge. During the period of February 18-28, 2020, all district schools are encouraged to take part in exciting outdoor activities involving students and staff. This could include, but is not limited to, tobogganing, sliding, snowshoe races, skiing, snowman/snow sculpture building, skating, modified biathlon, winter carnival challenges, winter scavenger hunt, create your own sled, etc. Simply put, we would love to see our students being active outdoors!

 To help out with this Winter Challenge, toboggans have been purchased for each of our schools and will be distributed prior to the beginning of the activities. There will be a wide variety of great prizes to be won (Regional and Districtwide), and these will be announced at the beginning of the competition. If you require any assistance in planning activities or in terms of equipment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the ASD-N Phys Ed Leads or Coordinator. More information can be found in the attached documents and additional details will follow in the coming weeks. Let's get kids outside and make this a fun challenge for all!

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