Wellness Session with Elder Donna Augustine

Posted: May 12, 2020

Donna Augustine (Thunderbird Turtle Woman) is a Mi'kmaq from Elsipogtog, N.B.

She is Traditional Knowledge Keeper and a Ceremonial Leader. She was instrumental in helping to bring the cultural ceremonial ways back to her people, after years of her people not being able to practice their ways as a result of colonization and assimilation.

She is a Cultural Educator and has done presentations on culture at Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities. She has traveled to different cultures of the world sharing her own culture. Her main work is on Repatriation, and does this nationally and internationally. She was invited to speak at the United Nations in New York City on Repatriation and the protection of Sacred Sites.

She carries a deep sense of responsibility to help teach her own people and  others, about  the true culture of the first people of this land.

“Today, before my presentation, I will smudge and  offer tobacco. In my prayer, I will ask the Creator and the spirits of my Ancestors to guide my words. I will ask what  the people online with us today, might need to hear, and what I might need to be reminded of at this time. Then spirit will help me to speak the words....”

To register for this session please email: matthew.sweezey@nbed.nb.ca