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We are all treaty people. Use resources below to teach about the Mi'kmaq and the significance of treaties
Anglophone North School District in partnership with Pabineau First Nation, Eel River Bar (Ugpi'Ganjig) First Nation and Listuguj First Nation are hosting a Multi-School Mawi'omi in three different locations during the week of May 28th- June 1st. Each event will showcase the rich and vibrant culture of the Mi'kmaq People through a traditional Mawi'omi (Gathering) more commonly known as a Pow Wow. Over 2600 students, from Bathurst to Campbellton, will participate in this cultural celebration. The First Mawi'omi will take place at the Coronation Park behind Bathurst High School on Tuesday May 29th. The second Mawi'omi will be hosted at the Aboriginal Heritage Garden in Eel River Bar (Ugpi'Ganjig) on Thursday May 31st. The final Mawi'omi will happen on the front field of Sugarloaf Senior High on Friday, June 1st. All events will begin at 9 am. These events are open to the public so please do not be shy and feel free to drop in througout the day. If you are in the area come out and celebrate with us! A huge thank you to the planning committee and everyone who has kindly donated their time, money and material to make these amazing events a reailty.

Posted: April 30, 2018

Students from NSEE, NSER, Metepenagiag School, Natoaganeg School as well as students in grades K-5 from Blackville School had the opportunity to participate in a Mawi’omi or cultural gathering, more commonly referred to as a Powwow, in the NSER gymnasium on Thursday, April 26. The day began with...

For the grade 11 & 12 French Immersion class Canada’s...

The grade 11 & 12 students created a written piece describing their legacy project and what the dream catcher represents. 


Posted: March 25, 2018

Anglophone North School District welcomed Dr. Isabelle Knockwood, author of "Out of the Depths”, which chronicles the experience of Mi'kmaq children at the Indian Residential School in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. Isabelle spent two days in ASD-N on March 19th and 20th. The first day saw ASD-N collaborate with Natoaganeg First Nation to host a spring social/gathering for Indian Residential School Survivors and Elders that included drumming and dancing from students of Natoaganeg School, a talk from Isabelle, and a translation activity for the Elders and Survivors. On the second day of her visit, Dr. Isabelle Knockwood worked with educators from ASD-N who participated in a book study of her book "Out of the Depths". Educators were actively engaged during this once in a lifetime opportunity that had a positive impact on all. ASD-N's First Nation Education Team would like to thank Dr. Isabelle Knockwood for sharing her knowledge and Natoaganeg First Nation for the use of their community hall and the support of their Health Centre.

Posted: February 27, 2018

In collaboration with local First Nation communities, ASD-N hosted a Mawi’omi (Mi’kmaq word for gathering) over a two-day period at MVHS and JMH, Feb 15 & 16. More commonly referred to as a Pow Wow, students at both schools had an opportunity to experience customary music and dance as well as listen to a Mi’kmaq storyteller who put on sessions throughout the two-day event. The Mawi’omi’s at Miramichi’s two local high schools offered an opportunity to showcase aspects of Mi’kmaq culture that was suppressed, marginalized, and even prohibited for a period of time in Canada. When the Indian Act was written in 1876 traditional celebrations and healing ceremonies were against the law. Although amendments to this Act would take place throughout the years it wasn’t until 1951 that Indigenous Peoples in Canada could practice their traditional ceremonies and celebrations such as the Pow Wow. In addition to JMH and MVHS, students from other surrounding schools participated in these events. A total of about 2500 students were able to participate in such amazing events that demonstrated Mi’kmaq culture in a positive light. ReconciliACTION was the theme of these events. ASD-N continues to work hard at improving its relationship with Mi’kmaq communities and taking the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission seriously as we forward together. ASD-N would like to thank all those who supported and attended the events. They were a great success! You can read more about the history of Pow Wow’s by consulting the following link.

Posted: February 7, 2018

The superintendent for Anglophone School District North (ASD-N) in New Brunswick announced that all students in the north will have a cultural learning experience through a traditional Mawi’omi. A Mawi’omi is a cultural and social gathering for celebration of new seasons and renewal of relationships. This celebration involves drumming, singing/chanting, prayer and ceremony. The theme of this two-day Mawi’omi is ReconciliAction. ReconiliAction is termed after Reconciliation, defined as: the restoration of relations and the action of making one view or belief compatible with another. ReconiliAction is action toward repairing the damaged relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. To equip students with background information, Melissa Dedam and First Nation Education Team members have created two Mawi’omi PowerPoint presentations, one for middle and one for elementary. These PowerPoints are available to download here: Wela’lioq/Thank You, ASD-N First Nation Education Team

Posted: February 7, 2018


In preparation for your school attending one of the muilt school Mawi'omis (Pow wow), Melissa Dedam and ASD-N First Nation Education team have created a PowerPoint highlighting Mawi'omi dances, regalia, drums/songs, etc. Please review this PowerPoint with your students prior to attending any of the scheduled Mawi'omis. 

Wela'lin/Thank You, 

ASD-N First Nation Education Team  

File mawiomi_pp_for_elem.pptx3.44 MB

Posted: February 7, 2018

If you and your students have never attended a Pow Wow or Mawi'omi, please review the attached PowerPoint. The PowerPoint includes traditional styles of dance, regalia, types of drums, conduct, etc. There are several videos embeded and will take several days to review.

Wela'lin/Thank You,

ASD-N First Nation Education Team

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Imagine a Canada Through the Lens of Reconciliation

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