First Nations Education Notes

Please visit the Legacy of Hope's 100 Years of Loss exhibit at four schools throughout ASDN during the months of April and May.


Posted: October 3, 2016

Dear Educators,

Please find attached, a resource book titled "Teaching about the Mi'kmaq." This resource book was developed by Mi'kmaq educators with the assistance of a Mi'kmaq Elders advisory committee. TATM provides a rich background of Mi'kmaq history, cultural values and excellent lessons about residential schools, treaties, and governance. TATM is a starting point for building your background knowledge as a culturally responsive educator.

Wela'lin, Thank You and Enjoy,

The First Nations Education Team  


Hello 4-12 Educators,

Please help us promote orange shirt day by reviewing the attached powerpoint with your students. Orange shirt day is on September 30th and is a day to honour those who attended residential schools in Canada. The attached word document answers questions posed on the powerpoint slides.


Thank you for your support and commitment to reconciliation in Canada,

ASDN First Nation Enhancement Team  

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Posted: September 8, 2016

On Septmber 30th join ASD-N as we participate in "Orange Shirt Day" to honour those survivors of Canada's Indian Residential School System and commemorate the many who never made it home. Overall, the importance of this commemoration event is to recognize the harm and trauma inflicted on Aboriginal children for decades, and affirm a commitment to remembering those impacted. 

Fortunately, we have a resource in our district that will serve as a contact and facilitator of the promotion and execution of this initiative. Her name is Lorraine Clair and you can get in contact with her through her nbed account She is prepared to support you in your efforts to make this day a success in your school. She will also be available to help teachers use this day as an opportunity to teach students about residential schools and other related topics in the days leading up to Orange Shirt Day as well as the days that follow.