On October 24th, the Campbellton Rotary Club held a mock polio vaccination clinic at Lord Beaverbrook School and Tide Head School. Titled “The Purple Pinky Project”, participating students had their little fingers dyed.  Rotary members used a topical dye, called gentian violet, and painted the pinkies purple as part of a polio awareness campaign. In developing countries, gentian violet is used by Rotary International to ...

Two ASD-N Physical Education Teachers have been recognized by the New Brunswick Physical Education Society for their contribution to teaching and for leadership in promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. Mrs. Tammy Stewart of Miramichi Valley High School and Mr. Trevor Glazier of Jacquet River School were presented with awards at the recent annual NBPES Remember When conference “edu-PLAY”, held in Saint John on October 11. For photos see Presentations .

Anglophone North School District is supporting the New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL) with its Community Collection Program. If you have any clothing you no longer have need for please consider donating it to the NBACL. For details see the document attached below or contact Rachel Tsistinas at Rachel.Tsistinas@nbed.nb.ca .

Frosty mornings and fallen leaves signal the winding up of the fall sports schedules at ASD-N Schools. Hundreds of students led by volunteer coaches district wide, have enjoyed another season of school sports that included soccer, field hockey, cross country running, baseball and in some high schools golf.  Schools are now preparing for late fall and winter sports of basketball, hockey and again in some high schools, swimming and wrestling. To see photos of a recent soccer tournament involving Miramichi area elementary schools visit Soccer.

Free for parents of ASD-N students. For details please see the attached document below.

Several high schools in Anglophone North School District have teacher initiated programs that help students “see over the horizon” and further their understanding of developmental education. For instance a  number of students at Bathurst High School (BHS) have an opportunity this year to become more aware of the living conditions of people in disadvantaged countries and to do something about it. In this way they are enhancing their roles as “global citizens”, considered to be an important aspect of 21st Century Learning.
     Cynthia Decoste, the Art teacher at Bathurst High School, has ...

Nelson Rural School (NRS), similar to many other ASD-N schools, has kicked off the school year making a serious contribution to the community. (see also GG Fundraiser Against Polio) ) The Terry Fox Foundation, the Miramichi Food Bank, and the Miramichi Transition House have all benefitted from Nelson students returning to school in September. Within the first 6 weeks they donated $800 to The Terry Fox Foundation, gave more than 500 items to the local food bank and continued to give support to the Transition House. NRS parents and staff can be very proud of the efforts of the students. The school has also been busy in their annual Meet the Teacher Corn Boil and the Primary Team welcomed family and friends to their annual Grandparent's Tea event.

Grade 9 and 10 students at Miramichi Valley High School recently had the opportunity to become aware of the importance of safety in the work place.  Ms Candace Carnahan, a spokesperson for WorkSafeNB™ and herself a victim of a work place accident, addressed the students and pointed out to them how easily injuries can occur and that one has to be constantly on the lookout. The message she conveyed was ...

We are continuing to monitor the situation in Rexton.  Exit 53 and Hwy 134 remain as one lane and we are advising parents and teachers traveling to schools in the Rexton area to avoid this exit if at all possible. Please continue to check the website as we will post information as it becomes available.

The ASD-N Healthy Learners Program and its partner, MANGO™, are sharing some ideas for a healthy Halloween. Visit Healthy Halloween .

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