On September 29, international students from Dalhousie Regional High School, Dalhousie Middle School, Sugarloaf Senior High School and Campbellton Middle School got together, along with their host families, at Les Aventuriers Biathlon Building.


October 1st to 7th is Wellness Week in New Brunswick and a great time for schools to make a Wellness Commitment. We are asking schools in Anglophone North to make a commitment to participate in Wellness in Action. By making this commitment your school will be entered in a draw for a Wellness Grant prize of $500. Each school will receive a Wellness Wheel and they are encouraged to post pictures or information about activities that they do in the four pillars from October 1st until the end of February 2014. Why don’t you ...


Preparations are in full swing for having Roots of Empathy in classrooms in New Brunswick including once again,  here in Anglophone North School District. While Key Point People coordinate families, classrooms and instructors, another  important part is also taking place. Fifteen new instructors and 4 returning instructors from around the province are gathered at the Education Center Miramichi this week for training. When the 3 day training is completed they will then return to schools in their respective areas and deliver this evidenced based program created in 1996 by Mary Gordon. This group, ...

This term Anglophone North School District is hosting eighty international students in a number of its middle and senior high schools. Students, billeted in local homes, come from Germany, Mexico, China, Brazil and Columbia and are here for 3 months, one full semester or for the complete school year. They attend classes with their Canadian classmates and have extra-curricular cultural excursions and social events arranged for them by six local Home-stay Coordinators. ASD-N Schools hosting these students are ...

A number of ASD-N Schools are seeking community volunteers to assist with literacy for some Grade 2 students. They are preparing to implement a program called “ELF”. To quote from the organizations brochure:
“Elementary Literacy Friends (ELF) is a volunteer-based tutoring program that helps Grade 2 students who are struggling with literacy.  ELF provides training, materials, feedback and all of the support necessary for the tutor to make a positive, lifelong impact not just on an individual child, but on how that child will contribute to society throughout his or her life.”
The complete brochure with further details is attached below. The schools showing interest in this program to date are Jacquet River School, Ian Baillie Primary, Napan School, Nelson Rural School, Gretna Green Elementary and North and South Esk Elementary. If you are interested in volunteering please contact your local school.

Once again the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick (APEGNB) is holding its annual Pumpkin Fling at Waterford Green to highlight careers in science and engineering with proceeds going to school breakfast programs. This year the event will be held on the afternoon of Saturday September 28th and will include pumpkin painting, pumpkin auctions and a gourd roller coaster with new events this year including the Pumpkin Rebounder, Pumpkin Bowling, Pumpkin Toss, Angry Pumpkins and Upgraded Plinko boards. Come along too to enjoy the great  Rotary chilli cook-off. For more details see the poster and full press release below.

Many ASD-N schools from Rexton Elementary (Thursday September19, 4:00 to 6:00 pm) to Sugarloaf Senior High, Campbellton (Tuesday Sept. 3rd) are inviting parents to visit their children’s schools as the new school year begins. Check your school’s web site for details. ASD-N School Web Sites

To view photos taken at some of the ASD-N middle and high schools that participated in the first day of school WEB/Boomerang programs visit "Welcome to Your New School".

On Tuesday,  September 3rd, a number of ASD-N middle and high schools will be providing orientation programs for newly arriving students. The middle school program called “WEB” (Where Everybody Belongs) and the high school program “Boomerang”, are designed to help with the orientation and transition to middle and high school respectively.  For the participating middle schools, only grade 6 students attend school that day and only grade 9 students attend participating high schools. The programs led by teachers and volunteer returning  students, include an assembly, small group “ice breaking” activities and the following of a condensed daily class schedule  in the afternoon. The programs give new students an opportunity to feel some ownership of their new school, the feeling that they are welcome and belong there and a chance to become familiar with their new surroundings in a fun, positive and non-threatening atmosphere. Participating schools are  Blackville, Dr. Losier M.S. , Harkins M.S.,  JMH, MVHS, NSER,  Bonar Law, EWG, Bathurst H. S., Dalhousie Regional H. S. and Sugarloaf Senior H. S.

Many parents and community members volunteered their time this past school year to help Lord Beaverbrook School in Campbellton through the volunteer committee “Friends of LBS”. Projects organized included fund raising and special events for the students.  Pictured above are some of those volunteers who made a huge difference at the school. First row, left to right: Tracy Couturier, Paula Blakey, Angela Carrier, Jocelyn Arsenault, Julia Cooling and Angela Murray. Second row: Luc Couturier, owner of Provigo, Stacy Doiron-Laviolette, Valda Cooling, Alicia Cooling, Lise Parent, Carolyn Read. Back row: Lynn Montgomery, Dave Ferguson, Harla Moores, Jean Guitar, Manager of Atlantic Superstore, Pierre Laviolette, Kilby Anderson-Wood and Raymond Parent.

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