First Nations Education Documents


Title Documentsort descending Posted
Pabineau Enhancement Proposal Form File 1._pabineau_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Metepenagiag Enhancement Proposal Form File 2._metepenagiag_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Bouctouche Enhancement Proposal Form File 3._bouctouche_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Elsipogtog Enhancement Proposal Form File 4._elsipogtog_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Esgenoopetitj Enhancement Proposal Form File 5._esgenoopetitj_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Indian Island Enhancement Proposal Form File 6._indian_island_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Natoaganeg Enhancement Proposal Form File 7._natoaganeg_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Listuguj Enhancement Proposal Form File 8._listuguj_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Eel River Bar Enhancement Proposal Form File 9._eel_river_bar_enhancement_proposal_form_fv.docx September 22, 2016
Teaching About the Mi'kmaq PDF icon mikmawel_tan_telikinamuemk_final_online.pdf October 3, 2016
First Nations WE DAY: November 30, 2016 PDF icon we_day_memo.pdf November 3, 2016
Office of First Nation Education: November Newsletter File newsletternovember.docx November 25, 2016
National Aboriginal Day Elementary PowerPoint File elementary_aboriginal_day_pp_2017_fv.pptx June 13, 2017
National Aboriginal Day Middle School PowerPoint File middle_school_aboriginal_day_pp_2017.pptx June 13, 2017
Orange Shirt Day Powerpoint Grades 4-12 File orange_shirt_day_gr._4-12_2017_fv.pptx September 7, 2017
Orange Shirt Day PowerPoint Grades K-3 File orange_shirt_day_pp_grades_k-3_fv.pptx September 6, 2017
Office of First Nation Education: September Newsletter File ofne_september_2017_newsletter_3.docx September 19, 2017
Mi'kmaq History Month/Treaty Day PowerPoint High File mikmaq_history_month_high_school.pptx October 19, 2017
Mi'kmaq History Month/Treaty Day PowerPoint Middle File mikmaq_history_month_treaty_education_middle.pptx October 19, 2017
FREE: Online Course- Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education PDF icon reconciliation_through_indigenous_education_mooc_2018.pdf January 15, 2018
Mawi'omi PowerPoint for Middle School File mawiomi_powerpoint_fv.pptx February 7, 2018
Mawi'omi PowerPoint Elementary File mawiomi_pp_for_elem.pptx February 7, 2018
Reconciliation begins to bud at Dalhousie Regional High School File gesture_of_reconciliation_grade_1112.docx April 11, 2018
ASD-N First Nation Education Report 2017-18 PDF icon asd-n_fn_report_2017-18.pdf August 24, 2018
Mi'kmaq Peace and Friendship Treaties File peace_and_friendship_treaties.pptx October 1, 2018